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How did Honeycomb start?

James Carpenter and Richard Carter were the original founders of Adstream and helped run the company for almost 15 years. They saw a way to transform the industry with new technology by starting fresh without legacy systems — it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Check out the Team page.

How is Honeycomb funded?

Carpenter and Carter funded the initial launch, and in May 2016 there was a £1 million “friends and family” round of funding. In October 2016, Honeycomb secured a further £3 million in Series A funding led by VC Beringea.

We’re grateful to have the practical and financial support from some industry greats including David Bell (a senior adviser to AOL and Verizon, and former Senior Advisor to Google), Richard Jameson (the former CFO of brand services company Tag Worldwide), and John Spearman (Chairman of visual effects company Framestore).

You can read all about our funding in this Techcrunch article.

You don’t charge for extras?

Correct. We will never charge extra for HD, Express, VoD, Online or for file storage. We treat VoD as another destination covered by an unlimited destinations charge or a simple destination charge. Too good to be true? Not really. Better technology makes what we do faster and more affordable, so there’s no reason to charge for extras.

Who are your clients?

Sky was our first client and we have been working with them since June 2015. We also work with Splash and through Telly Traffic with their agencies.

Wieden+Kennedy have announced us as their preferred delivery supplier and this includes major brands such as Nurofen and Finish. We have delivered commercials for the below brands through their agencies and post houses:

Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Argos, Arla, Axminster, Beiersdorf, Braun, Burger King, Carlsberg, Danone, Disneyland, Ferrero, Fiat, Haribo, Heinz, Holsten, Iceland, Ikea, J&J, KLM, Ladbrokes, Lindt, Lotto, Lurpak, Mercedes Benz, Merck, Michelin, Miele, Nike, Nintendo, Nivea, Norwegian Airlines, Nurofen, P&O, Pfizer, Playstation, Reader’s Digest, Skoda, Sony, TK Maxx, Vauxhall, VW, Werther’s, Wickes and the list is growing.

Is your 24/7 support hotline just one person at the end of a mobile?

No! We have a great team of customer support and broadcast engineers in the UK, Germany and Australia to provide 24-hour support every day.

Over weekends, support can be contacted with an escalation protocol in place to guarantee your call will always be answered.

Find out more about our 24/7 support…

Can I email support over the weekend?

Yes. The Honeycomb support team are available throughout the weekend. If you send an email, one of the team will be alerted.

Find out more about our 24/7 support…

How quickly do you respond to support requests?

Monday - Friday
9am – 8pm: within 30 mins
8pm – midnight: within 1 hour
Midnight – 9am: within 3 hours

Within 3 hours

All timings are in UK local time.

Let us know if you have an urgent request and we will do all we can to help.

Is there a cost for archiving the played out commercials in Honeycomb?

There is no extra charge. We archive all your clocks and sponsorship idents as part of our service.

Can archived assets be accessed so that they can be delivered for other uses?

Yes, we can resend assets in response to your instructions including when the file may need transcoding.

Is there an extra charge to access a file sent previously? Can we access previously sent files to do transcoding for free?

No extra charge to access your files. You can also stream or download any previously delivered clock from the Honeycomb platform as an MP4 proxy for no extra charge.

If you need a resend, our transcoding service is provided as part of delivery. We do not offer transcoding as its own service at the moment but if you need it, please ask and we can work something out.

Who does your subtitling? How reliable are they?

We use Zoo Digital for subtitling because not only are they accredited suppliers to HBO, Netflix and iTunes, they are also used by companies like Wieden+Kennedy and Telly Traffic. Please contact us if you’d like to speak with a Business Affairs person who has experience with their services and we can help you get this set up. Zoo is integrated into the Honeycomb platform.

How does your QC work? Is there a fee?

We use Vidchecker, the file-based QC solution of choice for many major broadcasters worldwide. The software does a comprehensive check of media files and automatically corrects common errors in video and audio. It also flags any issues to both Honeycomb support and the uploader. Vidchecker provides a written report as a PDF. This QC is included for no extra charge.

Do you provide a Hardings test as standard?

Yes, a Hardings test is provided in our QC as standard with no additional charge.

Will someone at Honeycomb sort out issues flagged by QC?

If the QC software can’t fix the issue, we have highly-experienced broadcast engineers in both the UK and Australia to address simple issues quickly 24/7.

What if it’s not a simple fix?

If the file fix is more serious we offer a file fixing service for a small fee or can liaise with your post house if you prefer. Our priority is to get your file to pass QC so it meets your deadline no matter what the problem is.

What file formats do you accept?

We request Ingest Masters as:
For TVC’s & sponsorship: AVC INTRA 100 (mxf)
For infomercials: XDCAM 50 (mxf)

How does Honeycomb receive files?

Honeycomb have teamed up with Signiant to provide high-speed data transfer of material. If you don't already have the Signiant App installed don’t worry, you will be prompted to download and install this plugin at the right time.

Are you a member of DPP?

Yes! Honeycomb is a DPP member, and our files have passed their tests. We are big on making sure we not only harness the collective intelligence of the industry, but contribute to it. You can ask our head of broadcast Craig about this if you want to know more.

What kind of insurance/ liability cover does Honeycomb have?

Honeycomb has comprehensive public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance cover under Hiscox policy no. HU PI6 9235182(25). We can provide the Hiscox summary page on request.

Can I pay by credit card?

Coming soon!

Do you support delivering infomercials?

Yes we do. Currently only supported in the UK, we deliver them within 48 hours. Read more about it in Product Update 6.

Can I read what about new features and changes to Honeycomb?

You can read about changes to the service on our Medium blog in the Product Update section.